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General FAQ (1)

• You need to create a ticket in the following link: Report an Issue
• For learning how to create a ticket, please click on the Link: How to create my account for my first ticket.pdf

embiBac (3)

• If the sound comes from the middle of the EmbiBac it means there is a problem with Nedap device. Please contact Nedap for solving the problem.
• If the sound comes from the EmbiPos (Plate reader) there is two options:
      o The cables is not well connected or screwed between the EmbiBac and EmbiPos. Please verify the cable connection.
      o  You have a broken part, a short circuit on the EmbiBac or a broken cables. In this case Please Report an Issue.

o Verify the operational mode is the adequate to the right operation you need.
o The antenna or the GPIOS cable (fixed between EmbiBac and EmbiPos) is not working or well connected.
o The led band can be broken or grill.

o If the security gate lights red it means you have a Nedap issue. Please contact Nedap Company.
o If the security gate lights blue, it means you have an RFID issue. It may come from the server connectivity with the till. Contact your IT for fixing it.
o Antenna may be damaged. Please Report an Issue

embiDock (2)

o Verify the power supply is well connected, if not it can be damaged.
o The electrical outlet or the hub can be broken.
o USB cable can also be damaged.  Please contact Embisphere by Report an Issue

o The Embiventory has the battery too low so it needs more power than usual. We recommend you to start charging one Embiventory and sequentially start adding the others when they have 20% of battery. 

embiPos (4)

o Check the volume of the device, it might be in mute (press one time volume button at the back of the product). If not the buzzer may be broken. For replacing your buzzer, contact embisphere by Report and Issue. 

o The Tag might be too far from the EmbiPos. Please verify the distance it should be less than 20 cm.

o Check EmbiPos settings according to SDK software recommendation.

o The COM (serial) cable might be broken or defective. You should replace it by a new one.

o Unplug and plug again the EmbiPos for restart it. If this doesn’t work you will need to update the firmware. Please follow the process in the following link: SDK and Firmware

o The power supply or the power supply connecter may be defective or broken. 
o The EmbiPos needs a restart. For restarting it, hold the volume and reset button for 3 seconds. The EmbiPos led lights should start blinking. After this, Please follow the process in the following link: SDK and Firmware

embiScan (2)

o You need to check that the keyboard type defined for your embiScan matches the region of your computer.
o The default keyboard type defined for embiScan is AZERTY.

o Please configure the region of your Embiscan by using the user guide: Embiscan User guide

embiVentory (4)

o Normally the buzzer only sounds when the device is reading the tag on inventory mode, if it still doesn’t sound the buzzer can be broken and should be changed. 

o Check if your USB power supply + wire are working, if possible check with other ones. Check if power supply is powerful enough (Output intensity has to be > 1A). If still no charging, please contact Embisphere by Report an Issue. 

o The Embiventory can be fully unloaded. The battery or the interrupter can be broken. 

o Verify the Bluetooth on your device is on. If all the blue led lights are always off it means the Bluetooth module may be defective, please contact Embisphere: Report an Issue.
o If the battery is less than 10% it’s too low to be paired. Verify the led light status according to the following photo.