Decathlon chooses embiPos Air as generic multi-purpose RFID reader


Decathlon chooses embiPos Air from embisphere as its generic multipurpose RFID reader

Press Release 2016/02/19

Embisphere, worldwide leader in RFID Retail Value Chain, is proud to announce that its new compact and multipurpose reader, embiPos Air, has been chosen by Decathlon in each store and warehouse, worldwide.

Thanks to its thin dimension, easy integration, best in class performance and generic purpose, Decathlon will use the embiPos Air in logistics, retail and in its multichannel developments.

“RFID technology has to be simple to use, efficient and reliable. With this new generation of readers, Decathlon will leverage on its RFID investments and spread the technology all over the value chain” said the RFID program coordinator at Decathlon. “Embisphere is the main partner in the use of the RFID technology. It is nice to work with a company which is able to combinate innovative products and sustain our mass deployment all over the world.”

Thomas Fremaux CEO of embisphere adds: “we are very happy to share decathlon RFID future. Decathlon has always been one of the RFID pioneer in the retail world. This new success is strengthening a longstanding relationship between Decathlon and embisphere.”

Decathlon has deployed the most comprehensive UHF RFID retail program all over its supply chain and all over the world. From factory to retail store, RFID technology brings to Decathlon optimized logistic flows and accurate stocks. RFID technology create value for Decathlon customers with increased product availability and enhanced interactivity in store or in the digital world.

Embisphere has supported Decathlon RFID rollout in 46 countries

  • 1030 Stores with embiPos Point of Sale UHF Readers and embiventory handheld readers for stock management
  • 43 warehouses with embiTrolleys embiWays and embiPallets for supply chain control and efficiency management
  • 1000 Factories with embiScan, embiPos, embiStation for quality control and stock management
  • Supply of more than 1 billion of TAGS.

Decathlon is a network of innovative retail chain and brands providing enjoyment for all sports people. At Decathlon, 60,000 of us live our common Purpose on a daily basis: “to make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to all”. In every country where we are present, we share a strong and unique company culture, reinforced by our two values: Vitality and Responsibility. At Decathlon, we place innovation at the heart of our activities: from research to retail, including conception, design, production and logistics. Our twenty Passion Brand teams channel all their energy in to developing technical, good-looking and simple products, always at the lowest possible prices. These products are aimed at all sports enthusiasts, from beginners to experts, and are sold exclusively at Decathlon.

Embisphere is a Worldwide Retail RFID Expert maximizing the value brought by the use of RFID.
Coming from the retail sector, we have successfully deployed customer programs all over the world. We have upgraded their complete supply chain to RFID, from factory to retail store.
Using this unrivaled expertise, we have also spread RFID systems in major sectors such as Manufacturing, Automotive, Health and Transportation. We have capitalized from all these various experiences a strong and unique technical RFID expertise focusing on customer usage.
Simple and innovative, 50,000 fixed and mobile UHF RFID Embisphere solutions are already deployed in 50 countries.