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A flexible offer

Choose the most appropriate RFID Tag to your need

The choice of the RFID tag is a big stake for the success of your RFID Project. With the standard RFID Tag to ease the start and minimize the costs or with a fully customized RFID Tag for precise requirements, our teams and our laboratory will advise you on the right choice, with the best matching between visual/price/expected performances!

Validate products eligibility and define assembling methods

Once the RFID Tag choice is done, our teams help you to define your eligible product families within your full range of products. Moreover, thanks to our laboratory, we support you for the specifications and set up of the assembling methods to warranty the best matching between location/performance/RFID Tag.

Choose your RFID Tag encoding and your data protection

To simplify and standardize the encoding of your RFID Tags, Embisphere uses the GS1 international norms to encode and proposes to manage the serialization directly on our ordering platform However, if you dare to encode or serialize with your own specifications, we would be pleased to answer your requirements!

Choose the appropriate printing for your RFID Tags

Embisphere proposes you a wide range of printing paterns or can develop dedicated printing paterns designed for your needs. Unless you would like to favor simplicity, price and quickness and opt for our standard model already approved by more than 500 million copies !

Qualify and Certify the RFID Tags regarding your requirements

Our ISO-certified Laboratory, qualifies and certify all kinds of RFID Tags, whether they are proposed by Embisphere or directly born from your own needs. The Embisphere certification, regarding the University of Arkansas norms or regarding your own norms, warranty you the right performances of our products for your usage.

Support your company to start up the Source-Tagging

Thanks to the numerous projects on which our teams could support our customers to start up the Source-Tagging, in particular Decathlon Group, we wish to provide you our know-how to support your teams from the Source-Tagging strategy elaboration to the concrete realization of your RFID Project, passing by the training of your employees and partners, always according to your needs.

Supply your RFID Tags the fastest and anywhere in the world

With a wealth of various signed industrial partnerships with RFID manufacturers in more than 14 countries representing more than 22 sites, we are able to propose your RFID Tags the closest to your needs on a unique ordering platform: The multiplicity of our partnerships allows you to enjoy the best prices, the best lead-times, and avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. Finally, we propose different Express Transportation solutions answering your follow-up & lead-times requirements.

Delegate the management of RFID Tags manufacturers

With a wealth of 22 RFID Tags manufacturing sites in 14 countries, our teams know about the RFID technology demanding level and expected results by our customers on the quality and speed of supply of your RFID Tags. Moreover, the strict application of our ethic rules and human responsibility inside the industrial environment ensure to our customers a high demanding level toward our RFID Tags manufacturers.

Take more advantages of the RFID Technology !

You still want more? Embisphere proposes other services to make it even easier or to go deeper into the RFID technology integration within your organization. Discover more contacting us through our “Contact” page.


Our added values


The choice

Our product range is the sum of all our suppliers' product ranges.

Knowledge of the market

Trust our teams, involved in RFID tags Business for years to bring you the best visibility of the current market regarding your expectations.



SGTIN Serialization

Thanks to Embisphere, the serialization is independant from a defined manufacturer and allows you to work with several ones for a same EAN code.


Our expertise and 1000 customers trained in 2013 guarantees you a qualified education.



Stay free from choosing one RFID manufacturer and risk of monopoly.

Management deleguation

You don't know anything about RFID ? Embisphere manages and validates your RFID tags suppliers.


The price

Our trading Business model gives you the opportunity to enjoy low prices negociated on huge volumes even if your need is very limited.

Project Management

You don't have time, ressources nor deep knowledge about RFID ? Embisphere manages your Source-Tagging project from A to Z, or A to P or E to V, you decide.



A unique and differianting encoding solution for more efficienty.


End-to-end solution

We put the RFID tag directly on your products before delivery to your customer.



Discover our flexible offer