Embisphere helps your company grow by designing and developing solutions that are suited to your specific needs.

RFID is a mature technology that can meet needs and expectations which have become vital to increasing your company's performance. RFID tags have essentially replaced barcodes both in terms of functionality as well as data use. Integrating RFID tags into an inventory system has shown to quickly increase inventory reliability rate from 65% (without RFID) to 95% (with RFID).

This revolutionary solution has already been adopted by Macy's, Marks & Spencer, Decathlon and many large chain stores in the United States and around the world.


A true product "identity card", an RFID tag can store any and all possible data related to a product's lifespan. Embisphere products allow you to:


Guarantee the accuracy of your stock counts

Accurate accounting of product availability in realtime, from the factory floor to the point of sale. 

Gains in credibility and customer satisfaction, who benefit from an immediate and reliable account of the availability of your products.  

Perfect the efficiency of your Supply Chain

Automatic logistics data flow controls

Reliable views of sales records

Restocking order optimisation

More efficient management of after sales service and customer returns.  

Optimise the realtime traceability of your products

Locate your product within the production chain.

Acts as a guarantee of the authenticity of your products.


Simplify your operational procedures

Scan your products without opening the packing (boxes, palettes).

Simple, intuitive procedures.

Multichannel tools that are easy to connect.

Increase productivity during stocktaking.  

As you grow, EMBISPHERE grows with you


Solutions that are adapted to your needs :

Whether your company is in retail, logistics, or manufacturing, you have specific needs. We adapt to your needs by offering you custom solutions that are effective and forward-thinking.  

Improved ergonomics, improved user experiences :

Give your employees access to new, more intuitive and user-friendly technologies. 

Save work time and boost operational quality. 

A connected business with cutting-edge tools will boost your brand's image.  


The endless possibilities offered by RFID allow you to anticipate and experiment with future needs in order to win the confidence of your customers.



This real-life example illustrates what RFID can offer your business. 

Why are retailers starting to implement RFID?

Because today retailers realise that in order to develop their cross-channel or omnichannel business, they must have operational excellence. Their inventory counts must be accurate.

Can you give a concrete example?

I'll give you a concrete example, a true story of a cross-channel experience that was relayed to me by a client of a specialised retailer. 


On Christmas day, a customer was looking to buy an iPad for his daughter. He logged on to the company's website, and found a pink iPad in stock at a nearby store. Delighted to have found his product, he ordered it, paid for it online and indicated that he wanted to pick up the item in the store because it was already Christmas Eve! It was upon receipt of the first confirmation SMS that he began to be concerned: "We are checking the availability of your product and we will confirm your order within the hour." 

Filled with uncertainty, the customer decided to go to the store himself. Upon his arrival, he received a second SMS stating, "Your product is not currently available in the store; it will be delivered to your home free of charge within a couple of weeks." 

Disappointed and without a Christmas present, he entered the store and requested a refund so that he could go buy the product elsewhere. He was informed that when a customer makes their purchase online, they cannot get a refund in the store. To be refunded, he must call the customer service number ...

The customer experience was a catastrophe. All because the initial inventory count was incorrect. 


“ The customer experience was a catastrophe.
All because the initial inventory count was incorrect.“


So, how do you get an accurate inventory count? 

Maintaining an accurate inventory count has become a real challenge for retailers now that their inventory is also shared with customers purchasing through online channels. 

If a brand — any brand — displays an item online as being in stock and a customer reserves the item but upon arriving at the store to pick it up discovers that the product is no longer available, they will never shop at your store again. 

Home improvement stores make applications available to their customers which let them know not only the availability of the materials they are looking for, but also the exact quantity in stock at each point of sale in their vicinity! 

Inventory counts are critical to the purchasing process. We are convinced that RFID is a vital means of maintaining an accurate stock count, as it will be verified much more frequently. 

Currently, stocktaking is generally performed once a year, for accounting purposes. 

With RFID, stocktaking is so easy and fast that it can be done intelligently and performed weekly, or even daily. Furthermore, it includes additional information that allows it to be performed in a targeted fashion. 

What is targeted stocktaking?

When stocktaking for accounting purposes, it happens once a year, and I have to check each and every item in the department.

When stocktaking using RFID, it takes so little time that I can do it daily or weekly; plus I can do it in a targeted fashion: 

I stocktake the 20% of products that generate 80% of my turnover. I stocktake the 70 most sold products. 

RFID enables both a speedy and highly relevant process because I can first stocktake the products that generate the most turnover. 

This stocktaking process allows me to very quickly correct any stock count errors. Next, whenever there is a decrease in inventory, an immediate restocking order is automatically generated. The RFID solution ensures that the shelves are always stocked with the right products at the moment customers want to buy them. 


“ RFID enables both a speedy and highly relevant stocktaking process, because I can first stocktake the products that generate the most turnover. “


What impact does RFID integration have on stores? 

From what we have observed, the use of RFID technology results in an increase in turnover of 4% to 8%, depending on the brand. This is huge. It's clearly a high return investment. 

This increase in turnover represents a 60% to 80% return on investment for an RFID project. This rate increase is the number one reason why retailers adopt RFID.


“ From what we have observed, the use of RFID technology results in an increase in turnover of 4% to 8%, depending on the brand. This is huge. It's clearly a high return investment. “


What are the possible uses for RFID tags?

When retailers purchase tags measuring 5-10 cm, they will find uses other than simple identification. Such RFID tags are also perfectly suited for checkout processes and as anti-theft tags. Furthermore, certain stores have started to develop a unique customer experience using smart mirrors, for example. 

Can all retailers use RFID tags? 

There are different types of retailers: Closed-loop retailers and open-loop retailers. 

Closed-loop retailers: Sell their own brand(s) in their stores. Their production factories operate according to their own specifications. 

Open-loop retailers: Sell different brands in their stores; therefore, each brand's factories operate according to different specifications. 

One of the more complicated aspects of an RFID implementation is what we call "source tagging": At what stage should the RFID tag be attached to the product?In the store, at the warehouse, or in the factory?


“ Source tagging is the ideal and cheapest solution, as the tag can be used for the product's entire lifespan as it passes through the supply chain. “


What does Embisphere bring to an RFID implementation project? 

One of the benefits of working with Embisphere is our ability to provide all of the following: 

Hardware RFID products covering the full range of processes in stores, warehouses and manufacturing facilities, with products such as embiVentory, embiScan and embiWay. 

API for easy integration into your existing system

Pre-coded RFID tags which can be delivered within days anywhere in the world. 

Expertise in RFID tags, given that we are an independent tag development lab. We qualify your needs and verify that the tags sold by suppliers meet the exact needs of our retailer clients. 

We are therefore able to handle the entire RFID implementation process: Tag qualification and provision - deployment of RFID equipment - deployment of software applications.