Our partners

Initially created to meet the needs of Retail and Supply Chain enterprises, our products are now used in a range of industries as diverse as aeronautics, dry cleaning, nuclear technologies, jewellery, luxury goods, and manufacturing. Here's why:

- Our products' simplicity and high performance 

- The foresight of our integration partners  


UHF RFID technology is highly versatile and can be adapted to any field.





Become a partner

Move forward together, by offering reputable, high-quality solutions.
Embisphere, the maker of UHF RFID hardware solutions, is seeking partners (integration specialists, distributors) who can offer and integrate our solutions throughout Europe and worldwide.
Whether you're a integration specialist, professional service provider, or passionate about new technologies, you can become an Embisphere partner!
Contact us for more information regarding the different types of partnerships offered by Embisphere: