Embisphere, our expertise for the success of DECATHLON RFID project

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We design, manufacture and deliver powerful RFID solutions which meet the present and future needs of companies working in retail, logistics, manufacturing, and other sectors. Simple and innovative, our wireless tag reading products streamline procedures in retail and logistics by rendering tasks more interactive and natural, freeing up our clients to devote more time to their core business activities. 

Our experience

Expertise, innovation, simplicity, and efficiency: these are the qualities that we impart to each of our products. Our products have been tried, proven, and recognised by clients on all five continents. 

A talented team with over 40 years of experience in electronics and retail, visionary pioneers in RFID technology, we are not content with adhering to the conventional designs of our competitors. We have decided to innovate. We do this for a simple reason: as tech fans and professionals, we know that UHF RFID is a forward-thinking technology with limitless applications. 

This vision, combined with our experience, culture and training, is perfectly embodied in EmbiVentory, a unique solution with an innovative design built on cutting-edge technologies. Combined with an ideal ergonomic design, it dispenses with heavy and ageing PDAs in favour of a wireless operation using Android smartphones and tablets, providing a simple and more intuitive experience. 

Our expertise and experience in international markets has been augmented by the success of our products, which have allowed Embisphere to establish partnerships around the world. This is how we can offer high-quality products, with a one year warranty, to all our clients, ranging from SMEs to multinationals, across all industries and on all continents. 



Our confidence in our products allows us to offer high-quality solutions designed around a number of RFID innovations. 

Furthermore, our clients' confidence in our products continues to motivate us to continuously invest in moving the bar higher in order to provide you with the best solutions possible. 

With over 40 years experience in France and internationally, our products are used in Europe, North America, South America, China, and India. With 15,000 products deployed around the world, used at over 1000 different locations, we have received enthusiastic feedback on the use of our UHF RFID technologies from clients in a wide range of industries, including logistics, aeronautics, manufacturing, transportation, and medical services. Nevertheless, the applications for our technology are not limited to these industries, but are truly endless. 



As proof of the maturity of this forward-thinking technology, UHF RFID has already adopted an international standard (EPC Gen 2) making it easy to use around the world. This allows it to be easily implemented and interacted with worldwide, making it extremely useful to multinationals with transcontinental supply chains, as well as for SMEs in countries around the globe. 


What we do

Product design

Thanks to our clear focus on innovation backed by significant investments in R&D, the Embisphere team develops and designs products that integrate cutting-edge technologies that give you the edge you need to drive the growth of your business. 

Inspired by a desire to provide solutions that are more functional as well as simpler to use than those available from our competitors, Embisphere focuses all of its innovations and know-how on providing you with high-quality products that are designed to save you time while streamlining your operational procedures. 


product conception



The Embisphere team assists and advises you throughout the duration of your projects.

Our teams will assist you at any stage of your RFID implementation — from planning to integration to operation — putting their expertise and know-how in this technological area at your service. When consulting, we work with you to provide you with a personalised service and answer your specific questions. We analyse your working environment and the issues you face in order to help you make the best use of RFID technologies. Our efforts are designed to provide you with excellent ROI, operational flexibility, and long-term benefits. 

RFID technology offers a truly unlimited number of applications. Whatever your business or industry, there is an RFID solution that will benefit you! We look forward to hearing from you. 


Tag offer

Our dedicated team's tag offer will qualify and certify RFID tags based on your requirements, assist your company in implementing Source-Tagging, source your RFID tags quickly anywhere in the world, select the RFID tags best suited to your needs, validate the eligibility of your products and define assembly methods, select the encoding to use for your RFID tags, select the printing method for your RFID tags, handle the oversight of your RFID tag manufacturers, and help you get the most out of your RFID technology. 

Using our own electromagnetic anechoic chamber and a dedicated test zone, we analyse and test the RFID tags best suited to your business and products. Whether you are using metal, liquid, or any other material, we provide you with accurate reports and insightful advice on the best tags for your projects. 


Our team

Our teams at Embisphere are passionate professionals organised into 3 divisions that ensure our products remain innovative and high performance. 

R&D division

Made up of experts in RFID technology, engineers and computer programmers, this team invents, creates and designs the products and uses of tomorrow. Placing RFID technology at the heart of each application, prototypes are designed based on our values of simplicity, efficiency, and quality. 

Equipment division

Bringing together electronics, mechanics and RFID technology engineers, this team has significant experience in designing and integrating microelectronic equipment for stationary and mobile products. Embisphere solutions are cleverly designed to combine the architecture of the embedded technologies with ergonomic use. Additionally, our supply chain manager guarantees that your orders and packages arrive in the best conditions. 

Quality division

We view quality as indispensable. For this reason, all our products are manufactured in France. Nevertheless our quality division does not content itself with a "made in France" label, but takes things further. Embisphere is committed to a quality policy based on the satisfaction of its clients, the expertise of its employees, and a continuous improvement approach. 




Embisphere was born of a desire to make points of sale more interactive and communicative while also optimising supply chains. Our efforts aim to assist both large multinationals as well as small businesses, particularly in the textile and retail industries. 

Based on our experience, we decided to offer solutions that meet the need for innovative and simple operational procedures faced by businesses worldwide. Our simple, innovative products are designed to make sales and logistics procedures as interactive and natural as possible, allowing our clients to devote more time to the sale of their products through streamlined, easy to perform procedures in any business environment.