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Here I simply and clearly explains what I find on this link.

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To qualify and to distribute at the best price, it is also our job.

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Integrated or specialized, we support you every step of creating your value.

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Distributors and integration service providers able to offer and integrate our RFID solutions worldwide.

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Introduction: historical, expertise and experience.

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News & events from embisphere, ours partners and the market.

A roadmap for connected goods In a great Chinese magazine, Embisphere give its...
Our partner @EMBISPHERE is showcasing their handheld reader, built with the Indy...
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on booth 512H on Pavilion FRANCEApr. 8-10 2014 Oralando, FLA More information on the...
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Discover embisphere Products: mobile or fixed.

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Fluid gestures to a fine and order management.

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Product Support or Customer Support, we help you to find the solution.

Great jobs from a dynamic and innovative company.

More than our RFID readers, discover our services around RFID tag.

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Simple, error-free, thought to host client.